This year I have had an overabundance of basil and oregano.  Usually I have some trouble keeping the oregano growing but this year has been wonderful.  What I am really excited about is the thyme.  I have never been able for some reason to grow thyme, it looks great.









In this day and age of pesticides,  petroleum toxins that are decomposing  in our land fills it might be a good idea to start thinking about growing our own vegetables and herbs.   We can certainly control the integrity of our own soil and there fore begin eating in a healthier more organic way.  We can start by composting right from our own kitchen.  Have you ever noticed the amount of organic matter that we toss in the kitchen trash.  All those apple cores, peelings, and left over vegetables can be turned into soil in our gardens.  Even if you only have the space for a patio garden you can grow your own tomatoes, peppers, zucchini etc along with herbs.  I have been growing vegetables in containers for years.

Today we are actually going to start the garden.  We have decided to go with raised beds, actually we are starting with one raised bed just to see how it goes.  You can check out out our web site at GardenEpicure if you are interested in our little venture in farming.


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  3. Hi! I’m growing Basil, Mint, Oregano, Dill and Thyme in a hydrogarden. I want to transfer them but I don’t quite know how. Do all those herbs were well together in one pot or should I get separate pots for each? Also, do they just require regular soil? Thanks for your help!


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