HI!  I’m Suzi and welcome to my Vegetarian World. You will find lots of veggies and tons of veggie side dishes on this site.   In the veggie world everything is a side dish.  Not sure why that is

I originally decided to create a cooking site for my daughter.  With the three little ones she needs some easy recipes that are healthy and nutritious and not too time consuming..

This has turned into a little more that I had thought.  Everyday I seem to be thinking about the next dish I can make and share on my blog and then taking photographs.  Learning to use my camera has become another adventure.  Trying to get a clear focus, the right lighting and  eliminating shadows makes my head hurt, and then of course the battery dies right in the middle of the whole thing.  But hey,  it’s all about the challenges.



I am a proud Grandma of three beautiful little girls and one lovely daughter.  Sad thing is that they keep growing and getting older and bigger and smarter everyday.

We can’t leave out Maxie.


Contact e-mail: smharr@comcast.net





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  2. Hi suzi: I love all your dishes. My eldest daughter is vegetarian and I am always looking for great recipes. I am going to bookmark your blog STAT.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and I am so glad to have found you. Both of my daughters are vegetarian so I am always looking for meal ideas. I am looking forward to reading through your beautiful posts!


  4. Hello!
    I have nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award because
    Cooking’s Good is one of my favorites!


    suzi, your recipes look great, can’t wait to try them, need more veggie side dishes.

  6. Perrie

    These recipes are fabulous! How can I subscribe to your site via email?

  7. nice to know about you suzi and your blog.

    i know cooking and photography can be too much at a time….. but it is fun.

    my brain also stops working when i have to think about compostion and styling, especially indian food which is not so easy.

  8. Diane

    I met you the other day at the Health Food store…thanks for all the great info/recipes…what a nice site! I’m looking forward to trying your recipes…hope to see you again sometime~ God Bless you as you minister to others!

    Diane :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by dear!! Appreciate the kind words.

  10. Forgot to tell you, but your RSS link did not work for me. I had to manually subscribe to your feed in my reader. Best Wishes!

  11. I found your site through another blog and just subscribed to your feed. Can’t wait to see what your next creation is!

  12. Cute blog! Thanks for accepting my friend request of foodbuzz. I too hope that when my daughter (when old enough) will like to use my blog as a great reference for family recipes :)

  13. You are an attractive grandma to 3 beautiful grand-daughters. Love your blog!

  14. I was checking out your favourite blog list to see who else I should visit. To my surprise I found my little blog listed! Thanks so much. <3

  15. Hi Suzi, thanks so much for stopping by my blog – as it has lead me to yours :) Your grandchildren are adorable and so of course is Maxie ;) I love animals!! Really looking forward to seeing what other vegetarian delights you will be making in the future, as I am always looking for inspiration! X

  16. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog! Also, I am honored that you listed my blog as one of your favorites since there are so many out there. Have a wonderful day.

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