Cherry Filled Puff Pastry Shells


Happy Wednesday!!

Most of you who visit me here know that I really am not a dessert maker.  I seldom make desserts.  When I made the spinach in the puff pastry shells a couple of weeks ago I kept thinking, I have got to fill these cute little cups with cherries.  My husband loves cherry turn overs and cherry pie and anything with cherries.  This dessert was by far the easiest thing I have ever made.  It pretty much made itself, LOL.  Canned cherries, puff pastry and whipped cream.

Is that really cheating?  Yeah, I think it is but they sure were tasty.  One day I think I will take the time to learn to make my own puff pastry and cherries.  I do know how to make whipped cream though.  Any helpful hint on making the puff pasty?

I couldn’t resist taking a bite out of one of these treats.

Please forgive me if I haven’t been by to see you lately.  I am working on another project and it seems to be consuming a larger amount of time that I had anticipated.  I am slowly trying to catch up.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I want to leave you with a picture from a recent jaunt here in Florida.  This little bad boy looks like he is smiling, doesn’t he.  Not sure how quick he might be so I was ready to run.  Have a great week.




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40 Responses to Cherry Filled Puff Pastry Shells

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  28. i love cherry pie, but i haven’t had one in soooo long – this is such a great idea for me to get my fix!!

  29. Oh my gawd these are to die for. I am in love.

  30. Gorgeous, Suzi. These are a perfect dessert for those of us who love sweetness but in manageable little portions. Yum!

  31. Liz

    Love a simple recipe that is so elegant…and yummy! Beautifully done, Suzi!

  32. Looks gorgeous Suzi!! I love the cherry pie filling and the fact that its so cute :)

  33. I am so glad that you have made this dessert! It looks seriously tempting with cherries and cream.

  34. At the first sign of movement from him I would have been off like a shot. And no this is definitely not cheating! It’s presenting a fabulously simple, quick and easy dessert that sounds like it tastes amazing :)

  35. You are a brave soul… I would have terrified to get near that gator!! Now I don’t need to be a brave soul to eat about half a dozen of these gorgeous desserts. Do more desserts…. you do them well. :) I love canned cherry pie filling. :)

  36. Perfect dessert for a dinner party. Almost no work and it looks and tastes fantastic. Well done :)

    I’m not sharing with the alligator.

    • Suzi

      Thanks for stopping by Maureen. Those puff pastries are so easy to work with especially if you are like me and don’t do desserts very often. Just came back ffrom you site. I love it.

  37. These look delicious. I never make pasty, but this seems fairly simple. Great recipe.

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