Brown Rice Onigiri with Umeboshi Plum

I do hope that everyone is having a splendid week so far.  Last week I mentioned that I had been taking some outdoor photos and that I would share some with you.    If you follow me on Google + you may have already seen these photos.  If you aren’t on Google+ click on the link and join up.  Google+ is pretty much my main social networking these days.  I hope that you enjoy the photos.

The first photo is one of my favorite spots, it’s so peaceful and quiet there and nature abounds.  In fact while I was shooting photos I heard a gator – alligator that is hop into the water in front of me.  I didn’t see him/her just hear the splash.    The county that I live in here in Florida is Lake County.  Yep lots of lakes.  I can leave my house and be out in the country within in 7 minutes.

This next photo is of orchids, aren’t they lovely??

Now on to the Onigiri.  Have you ever made these cute little balls of rice stuffed with savory ingredients?  I have, but I didn’t know the correct name for them.  Now I do, LOL.  I found these in The Vegetarian Times magazine that my daughter had given me a couple of weeks ago.  This is a fun project and kids will love it.  I sure did.

I didn’t make mine the way Vegetarian Times suggested.  I used brown rice instead of sushi rice.  More protein.


2 cups brown cooked brown rice

1 and a 1/2 tablespoons brown rice vinegar or your favorite vinegar

umeboshi plums chopped

scallions sliced thin

edamame beans cooked

nori sheets for garnish

any other garnished you want for decorating


Place the cooked brown rice in a bowl and add the vinegar, mix well.  Wet your hands and form the rice into a half ball.  Make and indentation into the center of the rice.  Add some umeboshi plum, scallion and an edamame.

Add more rice to make a full ball.  Press together tightly keeping the ball shape.  Now you can decorate with any type garnishes you choose.  I used the nori sheets for hair and the nose.  On one of them I used black olive for the eyes and for another one of cut an edamame in half and used those for eyes.  Radishes sliced thin were used for the lips.  This is a blast and you can really get creative.  The best part is eating them.  Pour a little tamari soy sauce in a bowl for dipping or some wasabi.

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  4. These are so cute! I have always wanted to make onigiri because I love them! Thanks for the inspiration! All of your shots are lovely, but your nature shots are breathtaking! What a great place to live!

  5. What a fantastic creation. The rice looks delicious and your presentation is flawless. I also loved your photos and hope you have more of them to share with us. Have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  6. Lovely creations! The rice balls look so cute & very amusing too! ;:)

  7. These are so cute! What a great way to get kids to eat brown rice, so fun!

  8. So cute! They make brown rice vinegar? I’ll have to keep my eye out for it. Those orchids are gorgeous – great lighting.

  9. I just love these… adorable, inventive, fun and yes, healthy to boot! They made my day when I spotted them on Google+ – you’re so darn creative Suzi!

  10. Adorable. The girls are going to go CRAZY for these. I need to have all the ingredients in the house before I show them, because they are going to want to make these on the spot! Great post!

  11. My nephews would love these! (And I would love those orchids!!!).

  12. It is a great idea to use brown rice to make onigiri. I really like how you decorate your onigiri. So cute and delicious looking. All picture is beautiful.

  13. Oh my! These sound and look gorgeous. I could quite happily munch on them. Great idea with the brown rice!

  14. Your onigiri is so much fun :) And I like both – second and a third picture. I’ve seen crocodiles but never alligators :)

  15. these look so fun and delicious! once i can track down those plums i am totally making these!

  16. I love your cute little onigiri! You did a great job giving them an expression. :) I’ve been seeing your scenery pictures on G+ and they are beautiful! I haven’t really had time to take pictures of good scenery lately – just food and kids! Hehee.

  17. Recently they have started to sell those noi sheets here, now I just have to check for the other ingredients so I can try that out for myself. Love the idea of that as a started and they look so cute, anybody would fall in love here just by looking at them. I know already who to surprise with this. hehe ^.^

  18. cute onigiris! never thought of using brown rice in sushi, or even the plum. thanks for inspiration, will try with brown rice next time

  19. I would hate to eat such beautiful little treats… but I would. :) Love your landscape and flower pictures. :) Hope you’re having a wonderful week my friend. ~ Ramona

  20. You did such a great job, Suzi. Those look delicious and adorable!

  21. Kristen Sayre

    How cute & fun all in one:-)

  22. Haha cute and yummy :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  23. Love the idea of brown rice over sushi but these are just too cute to eat! :)

  24. Ain’t they just too adorable to eat! Love the lake photo. Very beautiful and peaceful.

  25. I don’t know if it would be more fun to make, or eat rhe onigiri. Love your photos.

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