Three Tomato Gazpacho

Do you realize how many varieties of tomatoes there are?  I am in awe over this fact.   From what I can gather through Google searches there are about 3,000 varieties of heirloom or heritage tomatoes alone that are in cultivation worldwide and over 10,000  varieties of tomatoes.  Mind boggling.

I found this beautiful little gazpacho tomato soup recipe in a cookbook called The Heirloom Tomato by Amy Goldman.  Mainly the book explains in color photos the many varieties of heirloom tomatoes and then a few recipes at the end.  Every recipe looked and sounded scrumptious.

This gazpacho has a trio of different flavors for sure with each different colored tomato  claiming its own authentic essence.    The red tomato is sweet while the orange tomato has a bit of a tangerine-apricot bite.  Now the green tomato gives a definite tangy wallop.   I was really impressed with the differences in each one.

At first I was a little bit intimidated with the ingredients and then pouring  the purees into the bowls.  Turns out it really wasn’t that difficult.  The pouring does require three hands.  I got my husband to pour the green tomato puree because it was a bit chunkier than the other two.  The trick is to pour them all at the same time so that each puree captures it own space.  You don’t want them to run together.  Got it on the first try.  Yes!!  That leads me to believe this is a lot easier than it sounded at first.


What you will need:  TOMATOES

This recipe called for a lot of tomatoes but since this was my first time making this I only used one tomato for each color.  I also cut down the garnishes as well.  With the 3 tomatoes you will get about 18 oz which is enough for three 6 oz bowls or goblets.

1 red tomato

1 green tomato

1 orange tomato

3  basil leaves


Chop up the tomatoes and place each color separately.  Add a basil leaf to each bowl and a dash of salt.  Mix and allow to marinate for a couple of hours.  After they have marinated puree each separately.  Don’t forget to rinse the processor bowl each time.  Place each bowl in fridge and chill.

For the garnish:

red pepper chopped small

jalapeno pepper chopped small

cucumber chopped small

avocado chopped small

crispy crouton chopped small

Keep all the garnishes separate except for the 2 peppers, mix those together.  Top the gazpacho with each of the garnishes.


This is a wonderful lite chilled soup that would make for a nice starter on a warm afternoon out on the patio.





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43 Responses to Three Tomato Gazpacho

  1. What a beautiful tomato soup! Love tri-colour…just pretty.

  2. Thanks for sharing this soup with us this week Suzi, it sounds amazing!

  3. Hi Suzi! Haven’t been here (or anywhere) lately. Your soup looks very refreshing! Love the tomatoes. mmmm :)

  4. Thank you for the info on tomatoes. I didn’t even know that there are over ten thousand of them. Your gazpacho looks gorgeous and I love the vibrant colors. Have a great weekend!

    ~ ray ~

  5. Wow, I knew there were many kinds of tomatoes but didn’t imagine it was this much. This looks like one of the best gazpachos I’ve seen. Have a nice weekend :)

  6. AMAZINGLY delicious! Now I want to change my dinner plans. Can’t have anything now, but this three-tomato wonder!

  7. Oh, how fantastic is this?! What a wonderful idea with the tomato trio – so much colour, life and health going on in this picture. Just beautiful Suzi.

  8. Wow so many kinds, yes mind boggling indeed! Suzi, I love your beautiful dish. It’s SO pretty and so refreshing for summer days when you lose an appetite because it’s so hot. This will not only bring appetite back, but also healthy and light and great starter. Love it!

  9. the dish looks delicious and well prepared! I am amazed with your tomato fact, all my life i though there is only one kind of tomato! :P

  10. What an absolutely gorgeous soup!!!! I’ve had and made duo of soups but never trio. I bet the pouring was a challenge, one that you and the hubby didn’t an awesome job with!!!! Heirlooms – they are expensive as the devil but worth every dollar! I’ve had each color of heirlooms and you’re right – they each have its own flavor. What a great soup and one that I will definitely be making this summer season!!!!

  11. Very impressive! I love the idea of keeping the colors separate.

  12. This is the most pretty gazpacho I’ve seen! don’t think i’ve seen so many different tomatoes species here. mostly it’s light green because it’s unripe, yellowish about to turn ripe and red. that’s definitely different from yours :)

  13. How artful! The melange of colors in this tapa are nothing short of stunning. I also love the variety of tomato flavor found here.

  14. This just screams summer love it!

  15. I need to get my tomato on – seriously, can you vbelieve I use regular red tomatoes? BORING ;)
    This looks amazing!

    Choc Chip Uru

  16. beautiful recipe! sounds so delicious!

  17. Suzi … You have been nominated for my NEW Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling. Check out my site for the details (foodstoriesblog dot com).

  18. Love the flavors… so fresh and beautiful!! Great job my friend! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. :)

  19. Gorgeous dish! I love the toppings bar too :)

  20. This is a beautiful dish Suzi. Kudos to you for always trying something different.

  21. I had no idea there are so many varieties of tomatoes! I love that you used three of those different varieties for this soup.

  22. What a beautiful picture, and sounds great for a summer party out by the pool…first order of business, get a pool =)

    Take care

  23. heirloom tomatoes are really the only way to go in my opinion! what a great gazpacho!

  24. Liz

    Wow, these are gorgeous, Suzi! I adore gazpacho…and you’ve set the bar high with these!!!

  25. Thee thousand tomato varieties…I had no idea that many existed. I think I might have to go on a tomato quest now to see how many different ones I can get my hands on. Cool twist and beautiful presentation on good ole gazpacho. Summer dinner party worthy, for sure!

  26. I think your tomato gazpacho would pair wonderfully with my bread! Love the variety of tomatoes you used, so stunning & colorful – the presentation is art! Since you own a 3 qt non -stick pot, I hope you do try it..whether plain, or with any additions that grab you at the time – it’s a bread waiting to be ‘painted’ :)

  27. Love the presentation Suzi – so pretty and I bet it’s delicious. I gotta say, we don’t get nearly the variety here that some places do for tomatoes. It’s most plain, old red – cherry, vine (as in, still on the), beef, plum… that’s about it. Sometimes we’ll see some yellow ones, and recently some really deep crimson, wrinkled ones, but not much to be honest :(

  28. Love your plating! Great job on keeping the tomato colors separate!

  29. Looks so fresh and colorful,beautiful picture too,,Yum,,!!

  30. Sounds fantastic! Putting this on my must-make list for when tomotoes finally start showing up around here!

  31. That is mind! So many different tomatoes..:))
    Your recipe sound fantastic Suzi, and I love your photos!!!

  32. This is so beautiful! What a great use of a mix of tomatoes. It’s perfect for a dinner party.

  33. Wow Suzi! This looks amazing! Love your pictures! Great recipe.

  34. Suzi, this look superb. I have eaten different colored tomatoes in salad but this is something interesting to use it in gazpacho. the pictures are equally stunning.

  35. I have never seen gazpacho look so amazing! The idea of the different colored tomatoes is something I would have never thought of. Thanks for sharing this. This one looks like another winner Suzi!

  36. I love your photos … this recipe is gorgeous!

  37. This is SO purty, I can hardly stand it!!!

    I so wish I could find heirlooms here, but alas, all I can get is regular ol’ red tomatoes. Boooo, hissss!

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