Spiced Tofu Brochettes

This is an interesting recipe I have for today, sorry Ramona, no soup.  I was reading through cookbooks (The World In Bitesize) the other day and and I ran across a recipe called Chicken Brochettes.  Brochettes are basically grilled foods that are typically placed on a skewer.  Now as you all know this is a vegetarian cooking site so chicken is a no, no.  The ingredients in this recipe really piqued my taste buds  so guess what, TOFU to the rescue.  Don’t go getting all whiney, that dreaded tofu is a versatile meat replacement, loaded with protein but luckily lacking in the animal fats and cholesterol that tend to clog the arteries and cause heart disease.  Plus tofu when marinated becomes tastewise (is that a word) herbs and spices that you use.  I recommend marinating tofu for about 4 hours but  to get the ultimate effect of flavors, overnight is ideal.  Truth be told I only marinated these about 40 minutes and that worked.

This recipe called for cardamom and cinnamon.  Cardamom is not  a spice that I use very often but I did have some in my spice cubboard and the expiration date was still valid.  The other ingredient in this recipe that really got my attention was the use of preserved lemons.  I had that too because I had made some a little while back after reading MJ’s recipe.  You can find her preserved lemon recipe at MJ’s Kitchen.  Thanks MJ.

I pretty much followed the recipe as written only adding to the marinade the cayenne for a bit of a kick and some honey for a little sweetness.  This was very tasty with just a hint of the cinnamon but the real winner was the preserved lemon cilantro sauce. Turns out it makes a fantastic dipping sauce as well.   Next time I will try preserved lemons with cilantro and Sriracha.

Adapted from The World In Bite Size


2 clove garlic minced

3 tablespoons olive oil

1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom

1/4 taspoon ground cimmamon

1 inch piece of ginger minced

pinch cayenne (optional)

1 teaspoon honey, sugar or agave (for vegans)

In a large bowl conbine the above ingredient and mix well.  Set aside.

For the tofu and press as much water out as you can.  I used my trusty little tofu press, I love that thing.  Cut the tofu into 6 equal pieces or smaller if you prefer.  Put the cut tofu in the marinade and allow enough time to soak up the flavors.

To cook the tofu, add about a taplespoon of olive oil into a large fry pan and heat to medium high, drain the tofu and add to the hot pan.  Sautee until golden brown on all sides about 7-10 minutes.  You might be tempted to add salt but I really wouldn’t as the preserved lemons are quite salty.   Remove the tofu and place on paper towels, add the bay leaves and olives to the pan and give them a quick stir.  Remove from pan and thread the olives then a bay leaf and then the tofu onto a skewer.  Ladle the sauce over the tofu and serve.

Only one of my bay leaves was I actually able to skewer all the others pretty much broke apart.  They are really only for show anyway, please don’t eat them.

12 oz tofu drained cut into 6 pieces

6 bay leaves

6 large pitted green olives


2 talespoon olive oil

1 0z lemon preserves I used MJ’s recipe from MJ’s Kitchen

2 tablespoon fresh cilantro chopped

Mix the cilantro, olive oil and preserved lemons  together in a small bowl to be ladled over the brochettes before serving.






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  1. What a great use of preserved lemons! I made some recently too, and this would be a great recipe for trying them out.

  2. Oh super yum! That tofu looks gorgeous and the marinade sounds excellent.

    I would devour those skewers :)

  3. Not only the recipe looks wonderful, but I’m loving the cover photo! So exotic and delicious! Tofu is really good for us and I’m happy we have another great recipe to try!

  4. I have some tofu at home and would love to try your recipe. Sounds delicious!! http://cosmopolitancurrymania.blogspot.com

  5. I never tried this recipe with tofu and I think I just might try it very soon! I Love the presentation Suzi!

  6. Suzi, that came out delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

  7. I am loving all your fabulous tofu recipes! Keep em coming!

  8. This looks delicious!!! It has many of my favorite flavors and ingredients and I have some preserved lemons nearly done so this is perfect. Congrats on top 9!

  9. Suzi — loved the spices used to coat the tofu. Nice marinade :)

  10. This may be a duplicate, not sure it went through the first time. If so you get a double Congrats on Top 9!

  11. These look beautiful! The presentation on this is really impressive! Wow. I am a non-tofu fan but I will try it on occasion especially out of curiosity to see if I can get it to taste edible to me. My daughter LOVES it. I literally gave her my share one night I was so unhappy with the texture. With the right flavors I am sure it would be so delicious! I have to try this.

  12. This looks delicious! I am always looking for new recipes for tofu, and this one looks great to try.

  13. Liz

    Beautifully done, Suzi!!! These are just a work of art :) Have a wonderful weekend~

  14. oh wow, this looks delicious! so many wonderful spices!

  15. What a lovely small plate dish this would be.It sounds delicious andyour photo is wonderful. I hope you have a great weekend.Blessings…Mary

  16. These look fantastic! I’m a big fan of tofu but I’ve never cooked with it, makes total sense that you’d marinate it to pick up the flavors. This will be perfect for my veggie friends! They’ll love it :) great recipe!

  17. What a wonderful and wholesome idea for a snack or party appetizer! These little bites look hugely delicious. Thanks for sharing these and stopping by my blog, Suzi!

  18. Never tried toffu! Looks really tempting!

  19. That marinade sounds delicious! It would work well for so many different things!

  20. Just lovely! And your marinade has one of my favorite spices–cardamom!!!!!!!!!

  21. Tofu is my typical go-to meat replacement also…I love how it really lets other flavors in a dish shine through. These sound super delicious…I’m a sucker for anything with cardamom and cinnamon!

  22. This starter could be my meal – it looks very very very delicious :D

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Brown Butter Mixed M&M Chewy Cookies

  23. Oh wow, this looks absolutely fantastic! I’ve never had olives and tofu together, but I am just about dying to try now :) Thank you for sharing this!

  24. Very nice mentioning the agave for vegans! :D I have been on such an olive kick lately that these caught my eye instantly. The spicing sounds incredible!

  25. Mouthwatering, seriously mouthwatering! I am a huge fan of tofu dishes…and this looks spectacular!

    • Suzi

      Thanks Angie, I love when I find people who acutally like tofu or at least willing to give it a try. Hope you are having a lovely day.

  26. This is about the best looking tofu dish I have ever seen! While I am not big on eating tofu, this recipe does make me re-think about tofu in general. The marinade has some of my favorite spices, which is a guarantee I will enjoy the flavor. Great post!

  27. Oh Suzi – this looks delicious! I love tofu but the hubby isn’t that crazy about it. I would still love to try this recipe because I love the seasoning in the marinade (big cardamom fan here!) and the cilantro lemon sauce is amazing! I could always do half tofu and half chicken. I’m thrilled that you made preserved lemons and link back to my kitchen! Thanks! I’m sure you’ll come up with lots more delicious recipes for them! Beautiful post!

    • Suzi

      Thanks MJ, I really love those lemon preserves, I was just telling my daughter earlier how to make them. I think that flavor will go with a lot of different dishes.

  28. These look fantastic! Cinnamon and caradmom are two of my favorite flavors. I’d love to try this recipe baked – I’m addicted to that fluffiness it give tofu.

  29. I love your photos! They make the food look so tasty!

  30. Oh this looks awesome – I love food on a stick, they had a lot of similar items when I was in China last year – so much fun!!

  31. Absolutely FAN.tastic Suzi! I love tofu brochettes and must try this version! Your Indian inspired seasonings sound gorgeous. Lovely photos too.

  32. I LOVE LOVE brochette, grilled on top of a fire with a bit of smokyness,… simply delicious! I was going to buy tofu today but it was such a big chunk and I dont know any useful tasty recipes to use it properly, so I didnt pick it up. your recipe is motivating me to try it out.

  33. YUM! That skewered tofu looks absolutely delicious and very flavorful.

  34. I’m not usually a fan of tofu but these look amazing!

  35. Yumm…. I love the flavours and spices in this recipe. Very unique. I’m considering purchasing a tofu press — what brand do you use?

    • Suzi

      Hey Trish thanks for the compliment. The tofu press I have I won on a give-away blog it’s called Tofu Express, this thing is fantastic. I would never have bought it myself but now having one it is well worth it and saves on wasting all those paper towels.

  36. That looks really appetizing and that dish makes my mouth water ! Uh oh ! no whiners here when it comes to tofu ;D

  37. These look outrageously delicious. Love the cardamom and cinnamon. I also love the way you change your header with each post.

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