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Pecan Pesto Pan Seared Tofu

Just a quick post today.  I have been at the beach the last few days and am way behind on everything.  I have a tendency to just pick up and take off when the opportunity arises and this was one of those weekends.  I love the beach and having grown up in South Florida I spent a lot of time there.  Where I live now it is about an hour and a half to the Atlantic ocean so I don’t go very often.  Every so often though I get this huge nostalgic urge to head to the beach.  So that is what we did.

The waves were pretty powerful and they kept knocking us down but if you’re lucky enough to hold your ground you can catch a wave and body surf up to the shore.  Didn’t happen.

Today’s recipe is an adaptation from the Candle 79 cookbook that I am still in love with.  I have made nearly everything in there, seriously.   This pan seared tofu with pecan pesto is really killer if I do say so myself.  The pesto in the recipe book is your basic pesto but replaces the Parmesan with nutritional yeast making this a vegan pesto.  In my version I have replaced the pine nuts with pecans since I didn’t have any.  I prefer pecans anyway and it gives the pesto a sweeter flavor.

This is a very easy and quick main meal.  Cut the tofu into whatever serving size you like and then marinate it with some pesto for up to four hours.    I only marinated for about a half an hour.  When you’re hungry you do what you have to do and for me it was to go ahead and get cooking.  After you have marinated the tofu, add a small amount of oil to a fry pan.  Pan sear for about two minutes on each side.  You can serve the tofu anyway you like – I decided since this was a pesto sauce that I would boil up some linguine and then toss in some chopped tomatoes.  Delish.


Basic Ingredients

1 package bean curd drained and cut into medium sized pieces


8 oz linguini

1 small tomato chopped

oil for searing

Pour pesto over the cut tofu and allow to sit.  Meanwhile boil up some pasta and drain.  While the pasta is cooking, heat a fry pan and cook the tofu about 2 minutes per side. Chop the tomato into small chunks.  Put the pasta in a large bowl, add a small amount of olive oil and the tomatoes.  Toss.  Plate the pasta and add the tofu on top.

I told you, this is an easy, healthy, protein filled, nutritious meal and very tasty.  Give it a try on your Meatless Monday’s.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and fun filled weekend.


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