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Fresh Fruit in Banana Cake Wrapper

Have you ever heard of a Banana Cake Wrapper?  Me neither, until now.  Seriously this is a wrapper made from bananas, rice flour and water.  That’s it.  I found these wrappers at my favorite Asian Market in Orlando.  I bought them because they reminded me of the Sesame Coconut Rice  Bowl  (a post I did a few weeks ago).  I thought, how cool, maybe these will puff up into a nice bowl and I could fill it with fresh fruit.  No, these did not puff up but they did soften up to the point that you can fill them with fruit and roll them up.  The wrapper is pretty tasty and it does harden a little and become crunchy.  You can really taste the bananas too and they add just a wee bit of sweetness.

These wrappers are really very interesting don’t you think?   I love finding new food items to get creative with.  Not that this recipe is all that creative but the wrappers are just so unusual.  I couldn’t find anything on the Internet to show what they can be used for, only people asking what to do with them.  No photos either.  If anyone knows anything about them please let me know.

To start with I put them in the microwave for two minutes, big mistake.  They completely burned up.  I had to soak the plate to scrape them off.  Next I micro-ed  for 30 seconds and that did the trick.  You can smell the aroma of the bananas and the wrapper becomes pliable.  Fill it with your favorite fruits and you have a hearty, healthy snack or eat them for breakfast with a bit of fat free yogurt.  Pretty cool.

Spring is here and there are a good number of fresh fruits available so I used what was in season and available to me locally.  Mangoes (my favorite) raspberries, kiwi, pineapple, blackberries, watermelon and cantaloupe to name a few.  No cherries just yet.

Yeah, it is Friday!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, get out there and enjoy the Spring!


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