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Zucchini Pasta Marinara


Zucchinis are  not one of my all time favorite vegetables but since they are still in abundance at the market right now and I am trying to eat seasonally, I’m going for it.  The main reason is that you can make a mock pasta with them.   I got this idea from a foodie friend Judee.   I’m sure we have all felt the effects on our body after having eaten a dish of pasta with our favorite sauce.  Sometimes I want to take a nap. That doesn’t stop me from eating pasta but here is a tasty alternative.  When eating zucchini as pasta you can eat quite a large plateful and not feel that stuffed bloated feeling, after all you are eating your veggies.   This is a wonderful alternative to wheat pasta especially if you happen to be wheat intolerant.  It’s really pretty easy to make the zucchini pasta.  If you have a spiralizer it is even easier.  I don’t have a spiralizer so I just use my potato peeler and it works great.  Well, not really, you have to stand the zucchini on it’s end and then peel it and mine kept falling over but I persevered and the result was just what I was looking for.  Even though the zucchini pasta is severed cold, when you ladle on the hot marinara it warms the noodles and they have a nice crunch to them.
Slice, peel or spiralize the zucchini into strips.
Place the strips into a bowl and add a little bit of sea salt.  Let the strips sit with the salt and sweat while your prepare the sauce.


In a sauce pan or skillet, I used my wok, heat some olive oil and then add the chopped onion.  Let the onions saute a few minutes and then add the garlic. Let cook on low and slice the tomatoes.
Slice the tomatoes into thick slices, I slice them thick so that as they cook down I am able to at this point pick out the tomato skins.  Some people don’t mind the skin but I prefer to remove it.  You can also blanch them and remove the skins but for me this is a quick and easy half hour meal.
At this point I added some crushed red pepper flakes and then placed the tomatoes on top or the onions and garlic and threw in some fresh oregano.  I used oregano from my garden.  Let them cook down at least 15 minutes.  While the tomatoes are cooking down drain and rinse the zucchini to remove the salt.


Zucchini Pasta
3-4 zucchini sliced
sea salt
For the Sauce
olive oil
4 tomatoes
1/2 chopped onion
3 garlic cloves crushed
crushed red pepper flakes
salt and pepper to taste




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